Stepping on the moon is no more a dream

Stepping on the moon

An American Space Research Institute NASA actively undertook the experimental work with some astronomers. It is now possible to get a close visual of the moon.

About 60 years ago Jim lore told the world that Moon’s color is grey and it appears to be like a plaster of Paris. Jim Lore performed an experiment in the past with some astronauts of NASA’s, as a result, it has been made possible to closely analyze using modern technology.

Alison Mosque’s Space Flight Company, Space X, announced that stepping on to the moon is no more a dream as well as Space X is going to launch a special bug falcon rocket (BFR) which will take a person to the moon.

Space X made this official announcement on their twitter that they have signed a contract with a person who is going to travel in bug falcon rocket (BFR). They also shared that its big news for individuals who want to travel to space, and they further stated that it will be declared on September 17 that who is going to be that person who will travel to the moon and why.