What has smarphones done to us?

What do we do when we are sitting alone? Yes, we pull out our smartphones. Has anyone ever thought about how technology and smartphones can affect us and our surroundings? Did you know?  The statistics of homicide and suicide have increased over time?

Negativity on Social Media and smartphones can have a psychological impact

Social Media and other networks have somehow triggered negativity and self-harm around the world. There is excessive information available on the internet for every user, no barriers, no parental control. Online bullying has become another common cause of disturbance in peoples’ lives. Thousands of suicides have been reported, that proved online bullying as the root cause. Did you know cybercrime has become another threat to the world? Hacking, through mobile phones, the internet, laptops, is making life miserable for people. Using social media for the purpose of befriending people to use their private and personal belongings as a way to blackmail, is strangulating enough.

Talking to someone with a phone in your hand is unethical

There is generally a subconscious reaction towards these devices. Come to think of it, when you walk up to your boss and  tell her there is something that you need to talk to her about while she holds the phone, the phone is locked, not ringing, no light, and she says “Yes, I’m listening.”

Imagine that and then Imagine this:

You walk up to your boss and tell her there is something that you need to talk to her about while she holds her phone. She puts the device on the table next to her and says “Yes, I’m listening.” The difference between both situations is, your own importance that you felt with, and without the device in her hand. With the phone in her hand, she gave you a vibe that said, you are not that important to her, however, when she put the phone down, she gave you a vibe that you were the most important person in the entire building at that moment. When we show up for a meeting, or a dinner, with family or friends, watching a movie, etc. and we place the phone right on top of the table in front of everyone, we simply announce how insignificant they are. However, putting the phone in your bag or your pocket ensures your attention is all to them.

Smartphones are our brains NOW!

Talking about harsh reality, it is important to highlight how much we have started to depend on these little devices. E.g. we cannot manage to memorize a single phone number, we forget passwords, we need to mark calendars, manage calculations etc. What happens if you leave your mobile phone behind? You immediately have to go and get it back. If you don’t, life feels pretty incomplete. The fact that 20 years ago, our parents could memorize 50 numbers, today, we cannot smartphones one 7 digit number, makes us all look silly. A smartphone has become nothing less than an addiction. How many times have we sat down with our families and not checked our smartphones. Even though the ringers are loud, we still unlock the phone haveto check if there is a notification. The world has become so reliant on technology, that it is almost too hard to believe if there ever was a life without smartphones, tablets and other smart devices.