Traffic laws in Pakistan

Traffic Pakistan

If we remember correctly, the government released a notification concerning serious actions against violation of traffic laws. As much as the citizens have started to follow these regulations, there is a huge number of people who are lucky to be getting away with the punishment.

Stop underage driving

This is a major concern going unnoticed. Despite many campaigns, banners, and programs, there have not been enough measures taken to put an end to underage driving. There is a reason to why people repeatedly say “Change should come from within.” Young boys are seen driving cars, riding bikes, and upon reprehension, there is a sorry statement about him being the only male in the family and he probably is the only one to support his old mother and unmarried sister. Is that a plausible excuse?

Strict regulations can only be followed if citizens are punished equally, and fined no matter what excuses there may be, equality of citizens is indeed a priority.

A few days ago a television program confirmed that traffic violation punishment was not being imposed on police officials. Why not? Are they not citizens of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Do they not play a role in being examples for the country?

It is time to understand and accept the fact that Pakistan has a large population and the government alone cannot introduce a change. However, there are a few points you can keep in mind before getting on the road again.

  • Keep in your lane-don’t change your lane unnecessarily
  • Do not over speed
  • Be patient with traffic wardens-If you are at fault accept your punishment like a true citizen –arguing with the warden will only distress the system even more than it already is.
  • Say not to bribery-instead make an extra effort to follow the rules?
  • Don’t allow underage driving-if you see underage drivers, report immediately
  • Don’t litter on the roads
  • Give way-understand right of way
  • Avoid quarrels in the middle of the road-Avoid blocking roads

Change comes from within

These are not points that need to be remembered, these are only common sense facts that are being ignored by the majority of our public. Educating the uneducated about traffic laws will help you and others around you. This is the least you can do for the sovereignty of your own country. Share if you agree.