The PTI government is in danger

Rana Mashood

According to a highly respected source of Pakistan Muslim League-N leadership, the issue which Rana Mashood has described with regard to the change and the establishment in Punjab is a flattened strategy.

Source says that the snow between the Sharif family and the establishment is melting. The establishment is not happy with the performance of the current government. They believe that the current leaders do not have the ability to run the country.

Rana Mashood’s statement proves that two arrows have been targeted by a single crossbow. According to the editor of newspaper, who did not reveal his name, Rana Mashood’s statement was given under both the PML-N and Establishment’s consecutive goals.

The main goal is that the Muslim League-N workers and other leaders have to understand that the PML-N is in the future in Pakistan and there is a strong possibility of coming in the next government.

Regarding the performance of the current government and the political situation, the main leaders of the Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) are also making efforts that our government will not be less than a miracle if it remains active for more than a year.

According to this renowned journalist, the establishment wants to convey the message to Prime Minister Imran Khan to correct his tribe, make clear and comprehensive policies on major national issues rather than personal matters.

According to the journalist, the establishment is very unhappy with the government’s economic and foreign policy.