The largest scandal of $180 billion in Pakistan’s history:

abdul aleem khan and aneel musarat

Pakistan’s biggest plan is underway as the Prime Minister Housing Scheme, worth $180 billion.

Under this housing scheme, 50 million houses will be built in big and small cities across the country.

With this reference, Senior Provincial Minister Abdul Aleem Khan and a close friend of Imran Khan, the Indian-born British citizen and UK real estate businessman, Aneel Masarat have been appointed for major responsibilities.

Abdul Aleem Khan and Aneel Masarat have started working on the project, 50 lac houses will be constructed under a public-private partnership with government and semi-official lands across the country.

The government land survey is being completed after which a consortium will be made to ensure that the administration provides them with the government-owned land. 50% of the houses will be built under the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme, while 50% of the land will be kept for commercial purposes.

Experts believe that this will be the largest scandal of Pakistan’s history and it may be a hazard to Imran Khan’s governance.

According to experts, such a project involves discrimination, bribery, and chances are, many will look for their personal benefits.

In the first phase, Abdul Aleem Khan has started surveys in the prominent cities of Punjab including Lahore. Relevant DCO’s have been instructed to gather information about government lands in their districts.