Nestle water company fraud – Supreme Court

nestle water

The Chief Justice of Pakistan, while giving remarks regarding the case of Mineral water companies, said that I have left drinking Nestle Mineral Water.

DG Punjab Food Authority Usman Anwar said the Supreme Court that whatever company writes on the label of a bottle is not included in the ingredient on which the court declared it a scam.

The Chief Justice also stated that Nestle Water Company gives a penny and they are receiving 50 rupees from the people. We asked them to give audit, they never agreed on it nor submitted any papers.

During a dialogue with Nestle Company’s lawyer Aitzaz Ahsan, CJP said that whenever we appoint a person for audit of the company, you raise points on it. “Tell me what components you are using in it and which calcium you have imported?” he asked.

The Supreme Court has directed Audit General of Punjab to complete record of the company.