Insurance settlement of artists


Artist and art protection are the legacy of great nations. Artists are the very precious asset of any nation. We need to introduce such a policy for our artists, which lead toward positive results to them.

On the initiative of Punjab government about an insurance policy for artists, Chairman Al-Hamra Touqeer Nasir organized the conference in which he recommended to register such artists who are quite senior or involved in any disease.

Senior artist Masood Akther, Mian Ijaz Ul Hassan, Javed Rizvi, Qadoos Mirza, Nisho Begum, famous film director Syed Noor,   Poet Amjad Islam Amjad,   Cartoonist Javed Iqbal,  Executive Director (Punjab counsel of the arts) Saman Rai, Director General (PILAC) Dr. Sughra Sadaf, Film Director Pervez Qaleem, Director (Art and Culture) Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi attended the conference.

The meeting collectively decided to apply all necessary steps to develop and instigate an artist’s insurance standards. The committees have been formed to pilot this initiative effectively by suggesting and presenting necessary recommendations in next meeting.