“Give land access to India toward Afghanistan”, Americans adamant:

land access to India toward Afghanistan

A key member of the United States Foreign Ministry has claimed that Pakistan has been willing to give India a land route. The talks will begin with this reference after the Indian elections in the next few months.

According to the US, Pakistan has been convinced to accept the role of India in Afghanistan and is actively interested to cultivate good relations with Indians. If Pakistan protects the interests of the United States it will benefit Pakistan.

It has been said that Pakistan is ready to negotiate with India, but there Government do not want to contract due to the election of Lok Sabha for the next few months.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister addressed that regarding the news of granting ground access to Indian’s toward Afghanistan, “there is no such proposal yet, the US officials say that conversation has already begun and when there is a comprehensive dialogue between Pakistan and India, this issue will also be discussed in the agenda”.