Donald Trump offered pakistan to deal on Kashmir issues

donald trump

The US President Donald Trump administration has offered Pakistan that if Pakistan entirely supports its role in Afghanistan and provide all kind of assistance, as well as keep American concerns on top priority while emerging relationship with China, after that US can help Pakistan in Kashmir matters.

According to the foreign journalist, if it has been offered by America, then it is totally astonishing news. He also said that this kind of surprising thoughts and decisions can be expected from the US government.

The US administration is not satisfied with the recent behavior and policies of India, as well as information about the transfer of US agencies to Afghanistan’s, Trump administration clearly stated that India did not attain the position in Afghanistan. Pakistan is not supporting the US on the issue of Afghanistan.

The report states that Pakistani civil and military officials state in open meetings that India’s presence and role in Afghanistan is harming Pakistan’s interests. The terrorist attacks from Afghanistan in Pakistan, there is an Indian network behind it.

According to this situation, the Trump Administration is making policy to give importance to so that they can maintain their impact in the region.

It has been observed in the recent days that, the United States has made changes in its policy and doing efforts to improve relations with Pakistan. The civil and military contacts of Pakistan and America are growing.