Chaudry Nisar’s plan to occupy party exposed

Ch. Nisar addressing a press conference.

The plan of Chaudry Nisar Ali Khan, former Interior Minister, to occupy Muslim League (N) and become prime minister has been exposed. Chaudry Nisar was trying to stop former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from issuing aggressive statements as he wanted to be in total control of the party paving way for himself to be prime minister,sources close to Sharif family said.

They said, Nisar is in contact with the establishment that asked him to consolidate his position in the party, and if he managed to hijack the party the circumstances would be made feasible for him to become the prime minister. Chaudry Nisar has been lying with Mian Shahbaz Sharif, former chief minister Punjab, who is one of his close friends, they added.  

Leader of Muslim League (N) Mian Nawaz Sharif had come to know that Chaudry Nisar was doing all this for the top position and therefore he ended his 35 years political relationship with Nisar. Chaudry Nisar had been warning that statements of Nawaz Sharif and Mariyum Nawaz, who was following in the footsteps of her father, were harmful for the party.