Back-channel links have been revealed about Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharief

Backchannel links have been revealed between Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief and the country’s most powerful organizations. The message has been conveyed to him that all the problems can be solved by discussion. 

This message was conveyed to Nawaz Sharief by a former federal minister who will be the most important part of the Executive Committee meeting today.

Nawaz Sharief will consult a detailed discussion with his close colleagues in this concern. Sources say that in-channel communication is aimed at improving the economic stability of the country and friendly relations with other countries.

China and Saudi Arabia are not happy with the internal political situation of Pakistan. Both the friendly countries have informed the state institutions and the current government of Pakistan in this respect. 

This has been also conveyed to Nawaz Sharif that if this series continues, then they will also provide opportunities for politics.