Marriage based on a compromise is never successful – Urooj Nasir

Urooj Nasir Hijabeaze

Q: Urooj was an actor, is an anchor, philanthropist, social worker. To you who is Urooj in this moment.

A: I’m trying to be Allah’s bandi, Im just trying to please my Lord. I think I’m trying to be a good person. It’s a constant fight, the shaitan is constantly there to shake your conscious mind. You constantly have to remind your self to walk on the right path. The Quran has not only been sent for Muslims, it’s for all mankind to help them in being good humans.

Q: What was people’s response to your hijab? Have you ever been criticized or pointed at?

A: It’s been 6 years, but never did I face such criticism. I went to a wedding and some aunties met me, they were very fond of me and they asked “what have you done?” And I still remember and I said I’ve become religiously modern and stylish. I love that statement. Now I say it every time. I am religiously modern and stylish. It was abrupt back then but, now it’s like my favorite answer. Everywhere people gave me a negative vibe, I gave the same answer with positivity and confidence.

Q: You started wearing hijab and ventured into Hijabeaz, it was just an idea, and you were so passionate about it, now it has become a success. Was it a natural progression?

A: Some people think, I take hijab because I have a business of hijab. The idea was to create something nice that wouldn’t make women look out of place. I can wear hijab, I can wear modest clothing and fit into society at the same time. I started this business because I took hijab. People even commented that this should have been my last option for business. I wanted to tell all those businessmen, I know there’s no market for this, and I will create the market. After Hijabeaz, there have been so many brands emerging. The basic idea was when I started taking hijab there were abayas, but there was no concept of head covering with style. And I wanted to bring in some style, I thought why not? Why should I let people say maayi hogayi hai, and look dhakya noos. So I wanted to look good. Deen aur dunya saath saath.

Q: Professionally you’re doing well, are you personally doing well?

A: If you don’t do personally well, and then you cant do well professionally. If you are at peace in your mind. It depends on the definition. What’s your definition of being happy personally. Personal is very personal. Even marriage comes later, if your mindset is right only then you can make your marriage work and only then you can bring your children up in the right direction. So personally, I am Alhumdulilah clear, content and very happy. As Imam Alis sayings “Wo shakhs jo apne naseeb per khush hai wo khush naseeb hai”

So, I learnt this lesson, whatever I have makes me happy.

Q: You’re still in media, still in the television, with decades of television, With all the #MeToo and sexual harassment cases. Have you ever been target to this? What’s your opinion on all this?

A: There are different stages of these cases, and everyone becomes target to this at one time or another. I worked in an atmosphere where my mother was there, always, even then there were so many instances that I just could not have shared them with her. Definitely there were times when I experienced these situations, even that made me a strong person, instead of going into hibernation and backing out. Every negative experience I have been through, it has always lifted me up. Allah ki taraf se ya khaas meri shakhsiyat ka hissa, jahan logon ne giraya hai, my life has been like a football, or a cock or a cricket ball,jitni zor se mein neeche giri hun na, Allah ki taraf se mein aik dum neeche girte hi upper uthi.

Q: Do you miss the  glamour in showbiz?

A: I am still glamourous Alhumdulilah, I feel more glamorous after I took hijab. And im not even glamorous myself, and I have responsibility of making other women feel glamorous with hijab. Not even for a second did I never doubt or question myself wearing hijab.

Q: Any regrets? Any decision that you want to change

A: I have married twice, unfortunately in both my marriages I was not in love when I got married. That was something that I shouldn’t have done. Maybe I would not have had to get married the second time if I was in love.

Q: You are invited to schools and colleges to speak to young people, what is the one thing that you would advise young generations.

A: They are not clear minded. They really don’t know which direction they are going in. They do not know what they want in life. They don’t know what life is about. Unfortunately. I feel that the children are doing things just for the heck of it. I just spoke to a girl and she told me she was doing Masters in mass communication. And as I asked her what her plans are for the future she said I will just get married, the masters I’m doing is just so I have a degree in hand.

When I look back at my life I have no regrets, except the one I just mentioned.

Q: Is there anything that Urooj cannot live without?

A: Companionship.

Q: Religion has become a business, Ramzan transmitions, regular religious shows, what do you think of this?

A: People receive fame through religion, income through religion, and they are commercialised that’s wrong.

We know what is wrong and what right. We close our eyes to reality and the truth but still we go along with it. Some channels are doing the wrong things, people are sitting in these shows and nagging about stuff, but we also sit down and watch these shows don’t we? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it,

Thirdly, Hum gaaliyan bi dete hain peeron ko aur unk paas jate bi hain. Difference between actions and words can be seen. They are making money because people are going to them. Those who are earning through this peeri fakeeri, are as wrong as the ones who are paying these peers. Jaise ap honge waise hi apko agay se milienge.

Lastly, In television programs, people are working, there are istakharas there are peers, in everything there are pros and cons. At the end of the day, our prayers and our actions and whatever that there is in the heart is all known to Allah. Intention only matters. So, we can’t say what XYZ is doing in the darbar or the tv show, is wrong. We are no one to judge.

Q: Your message to readers of Khouj Women?

A: you need to be clear of what you want in life, clear about what your life is about. If your marriage is working or not working, you need to know the actual reason and make sure whether the reason is worth it or not. Clarity and positivity in life is lacking. Come out of self-pity, understand what this beautiful life is all about. Last but not the least, please focus on your responsibilities and stop focusing on the rights. This is a rule, start fulfilling your responsibilities, and you will get what you deserve. If you don’t, leave the bastard, or leave those people who can’t give you what you deserve, because even though you give all you have, whether an organization, a relationship, any scenario, if you give your 100%, you will not regret. But if you lack somewhere, there will be regrets in your life. To have ease, to have comfort, to have contentment, the most important thing is to give. At the end

This is one of my quotations

“start giving what you want in life.”

Because with all my experience, whatever you give in life, that’s exactly what you will get in return.