Reduce fat Easily

reduce fat easily

Who hasn’t been looking for simple and easy ways to reduce fat Easily? Nothing is impossible. However, there are a few tips to reduce fat that will show noticeable results within one month.

Cut down on carbs

No, do not quit eating rice and roti, the trick is to reduce the amount to half in order to lose weight. E.g. If you have been eating two chapattis once a day, start taking just one. Try having a healthy breakfast, and for lunch, take fruits or salad. Early dinner reduces the amount of fat storage on the body if you choose to take a walk later, any activity will help use up the energy rather than storing it.


To make the fat loss even faster, don’t jog, don’t walk, just run, sprint for 10 minutes every day. The storage of fat around your body will eventually start being used up, hence the rapid weight loss. If you’re not fit to run 10 minutes you can take it slow, start with 5 minutes and take it up a notch. However, if we talk about those who cannot run at all, the best way is to walk and not sit for long periods. Activity throughout the day is a shortcut.

Drink a water tank

Drinking at least a minimum of 3.5 liters a day will help you lose unnecessary hunger. The body will not be storing any of the water you drink, instead, it will cleanse the blood and skin, keep you looking fresh and feeling hydrated throughout the day. If you add cucumbers, lemons and peppermint to your water bottle, you’re definitely getting rid of all the impurities.


Stop having preserved juices, fizzy drinks, crisps, burgers, fried food etc. Maybe once in two weeks, but if you are giving yourself a good cardio, you can maybe cheat on your meal twice a week. However, do not make it a regular habit.

Making these few steps apart of your routine will not only help you lose weight but also have a healthy and active life.