Prevent Hair fall

Hair fall prevention

With every passing day, men, women, girls, and boys are looking for reasons for excessive hair fall. Some even spend thousands and millions of rupees to get stronger hair.

Experts say, just like the body needs different kinds of nutrition to have a healthy body, hair also needs a special kind of nutrition to increase hair growth and reduce hair fall.

Combing the hair

According to experts during the process of shampooing tends to soften the hair immediately, however, the best way to comb hair when they are wet is with the hand. Slowly brush your hair with your fingers, and use a comb or brush once the hair is completely dry and back to its original form.

Usage of Shampoo

Shampooing the hair more than once, without using oil or any other kind of moisturizer, will make the hair texture thinner. Even the natural shine in hair is compromised. Once or twice a week use a good hair oil to keep the hair shiny, smooth and strong.

Dietary Supplements

Experts say that protein is the most important supplement for hair. Moreover, Vitamin D, Zinc and Iron are other supplements that are best for healthy hair.

Do not ignore breakfast

Those who skip breakfast in the morning, are not just skipping a meal, instead, are damaging the entire system of the body. In the morning, the body is in need of a good nutrition, however, if this need is ignored, there will be negative effects.


Stop straightening your hair regularly. Now that hair straighteners are available in every house, excessively heating hair is obviously going to damage the hair.


Hair tends to grow thinner when mental health depreciates. Depression increases hormone cortisol in the brain which causes hair to start falling.