Aloe Vera is a Miracle in itself

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be easily used in ways you never even knew of

Did you know Aloe is another beauty of nature that belongs to the onion and garlic family? The complete benefits can be gained by applying and by digesting. The best part is, Aloe is easily nurtured just like any other plant.

Khouj Woman will give you a few quick tips to enhance and bring out the actual you. Aloe Vera gel is the perfect for hair loss treatment.

The amount of Vitamin C and E in Aloe Vera is exceptionally boundless. The beautiful green plant will make your skin soft and diminish all signs of ageing upon regular use.

Aloe vera is an evergreen plant that can be used anytime during the day. Aloe gel is used in many medicines and creams that can cure pimples and different kinds of marks on the skin that refuse to go, especially sun burn and stretch marks. It is best to use Aloe Vera exactly the way it is, however there are a few mixtures you can make to get the best result possible.

Get rid of dry skin

Mix a pinch of turmeric powder in two tablespoons of Aloe gel, one teaspoon honey, a few drops rose water and milk. Apply the blend to parts where skin is dry, and wash after 20 minutes. You will be able to see a noticeable change in your skin. Regular use can completely eliminate dry skin.

Did your pimples leave a mark?

Combine Two table spoons of Aloe Vera gel and a teaspoon of honey to leftover spots and notice the spots disappear within one week. If this mixture is used on a regular basis, spots, zits and pimples may be completely avoided.

Lose weight quicker

Aloe Vera gel is best for speedy weight loss. Mix Aloe Vera gel with honey or any other fruit juice to make it taste better, and drink a glass every second day. According to herbal experts and dieticians, drinking Aloe juice regularly will enhance digestion, speed up metabolism and losing weight.

Suffering from hair loss?

Aloe Vera is an expert when it comes to dead skin, which is the main cause of hair loss in women. If, on a steady basis, after shampoo, application of Aloe Gel to the scalp and on the hair, will soften hair and make them shiny. After two weeks of regular usage, you will be able to notice a decrease in hair fall.