U.N. begins to send aid for Syrians badly hit by war

The U.N. is sending aid for Syria after the opening of Jordan-Syria border.

The United Nations is sending aid to hundreds of thousands of civilians badly hit by the war in Syria aimed at mitigating the suffering of people.
Around 369 trucks carrying supplies, edibles, medical assistance for over 650,000 people will be sent in period of four weeks after the reopening of the border.

A trade crossing with Jordan from Syria was recaptured by the Syrian forces. The civil war has killed more than 360,000 people since it started with the anti-government protests in 2011 against President Bashar Al Asad, an Alawite from the Shite Islam.

About 13 million Syrians suffering from the fallout of the country’s seven-year civil war are in urgent and desperate need of food, water,shelter, and medical care.