Prime Minister hands over economy to military

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan giving up on the deteriorating economic condition has decided to hand it over to the Pakistan military.

According to sources, to save the economy from further deterioration, formation of Economic Security Council (ESC) has been decided to put the economy on the path to betterment.

According to sources, the Economic Security Council (ESC) comprising of military and civil leadership will deal with the economic issues.

Prime Minister Imran Khan will be the head of the Economic Security Council (ESC), and army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa and Treasury Secretary will be the members of the council.

Three more members will be in the council.

The ESC will take care of the economic policies and international agreements.

According to sources, Hafeez Sheikh, treasury adviser to Prime Minister Imran Khan was contacted to know the standpoint of the government on the council but he did not say anything.