Nikol Pashinyan becomes prime minister in snap polls after peaceful rallies in Armenia

Nikol Pashinyan casting his vote. International observers said the election process was transparent.

Armenians voted on Sunday after weeks of peaceful anti-government rallies and elected in snap polling 43-year-old Nikol Pashinyan, a former journalist.

Cementing his political authority in the post-Soviet country, Nikol Pashinyan pledged to root out widespread corruption and poverty. His bloc won more than 70 % of the votes.

At a polling station in voters expressed optimism about the political change promised by Pashinyan and expressed anger at former corrupt officials. In the past, Armenia’s elections have been marred by fraud and voting, however, international observers said the election process was transparent and fundamental freedom and democratic values had been respected and more than 2.6 million people were eligible to vote in the election monitored by them.