Mian Mansha meets Nawaz Sharif in Kot Lakhpat jail

A well-known businessman Mian Mansh meets former Prime Minister Imran Khan in Kot Lakhpat jail.

According to sources, Mian Mansha met him in jail separately which continued almost ten minutes.

They also talked about NAB cases in the meeting.

According to a private TV channel, Mian Mansha met Nawaz Sharif with a special message.

Mian Mansh is the owner of Nishat Mills and MCB Bank and is one of the known names in the business circles.

Before that Nawaz Sharif talking to the Pakistan Muslim League (N) leaders in jail said, the incapability of Imran Khan has taken the country to the verge of disaster and accusing the previous governments for his failure.

He said, Imran Khan is proving to be a shameless player and he will be thrown out of the stadium.

He said, the present government is sending the big and senior politicians to jail without any reason.

He said, solid proves are against Imran Khan and his sister Aleema Khan and they will be held accountable soon.

He said, they came through the mandate of the masses and he is deprived of the mandate.

He further said, in their time dollar price was in control and foreign reserves increased.