Katrina Kaif’s item song “Husan parcham” spreading fire on internet

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif first appeared in Hindi film "Boom" in 2003.

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif has become popular in her item songs starting from “Afghan Jaleebi”. She has been giving outclass item numbers to the industry continuously that went virul over the internet in no time that there is hardly any example of such popularity in the past.

In a recently released film “Thags of Hindustan” in which Amir Khan also worked her song “Suraiya jaan lay gee kia” did pretty well but could not break any record or support the film go super hit.

Amir Khan had praised the dance of the actress, however, if you have watched “Afghan Jaleebi” and “Suraiya jaan lay gee kia” and like it a lot, then change top song on the playlist.

The new and best item song of Katrina Kaif is here on the internet spreading fire and going viral rapidly. The beautiful Katrina and her dance in the song is making the youth go crazy about her and possibly has jeopardized the popularity of Sunny Leon.