Katrina Kaif left surprised by Vicky Kaushal’s marriage proposal in presence of Salman Khan

Bollywood actors Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in a live performance. They broke up in 2009 after a long love relationship.

Actor Vicky Kaushal, who won millions of hearts in 2018, with his work in films Raazi, Kamli and Sanju asked Katrina Kaif to marry him in the presence of actor Salman Khan leaving Katrina surprised.

Vicky’s popularity grew because of his acting making him one of the most-talented actors in recent times.

Several actors are keen to work with him, including Katrina Kaif.

But the actress was stunned to hear about his marriage proposal and could not say anything.

The only words uttering out of her mouth were, “can’t do that.”

Salman’s reaction was interesting as he pretended to ignore the conversation and acted as if he was sleeping by putting his head on the shoulder of his sister Arpita Khan who was sitting next to him.

Reportedly, Vicky Kaushal is seeing actress Harleen Sethi, who comes from Mumbai, Maharashtra, as the two are very close.