Indian actor Ranveer Singh says to Pakistan cricket fans “don’t be sad”

Indian actor Ranveer Singh gave a message to Pakistan after winning a match against Pakistan in the World Cup.

He encouraged Pakistan.

The actors of both countries reached Manchester to support their teams in a match for World Cup.  

The Pakistani cricket team could not win a match against its traditional rival leaving the fans sad.

The actors commented about the match on social media.

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh commenting about the match encouraged the Pakistani fans and said their team also played well in the match.

He said, “don’t be sad, your team played well.”

The Pakistani actors on the other hand also praised the Indian team.  

Pakistani social media star and comedian Zaid Ali looked unhappy at the performance of the Pakistan cricket team.

He said on Twitter, the Indian team is better than the Pakistani team, adding, there was a time when the Pakistani team played well, but now it is not so.