Drugs, airguns seized in raid on Moscow University dorm

Russian police arrested at least a dozen students at Moscow University dorm. Investigation is underway that who and how many students are involved in crimes and violation of university rules.

Russian security forces detained a dozen students in a raid on a geological university dorm in Moscow on Monday and seized drugs and airguns, said Russian media.

According to initial reports, 400 students from the Caucasus were swept up in the raid, later they said 200 students were detained, adding, most of them are from Russia’s Muslim-majority republic of Ingushetia.

A university spokeswoman said less than 20 students had been detained in the raid, adding, 400students arrested is wrong and false and that inspection is underway that who and how many are involved in the offences and violation of university rules.

Raid was conducted in a joint police and National Guard “preventive measures”as paddy wagons were parked outside the dorm of the university.