“Dabang Girl” Sonakshi Sinha gets appology, URL after Tweets

Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha's Tweets brought intense criticism to the E-commerce company.

Bollywood’s “Dabang Girl” Sonakshi Sinha shared on Twitter that how an E-commerce company cheated her, posting a photo of a valve used in water pipeline.

She had ordered for headphones. “Will anyone want to buy a sub-standard piece of iron for Rs 18,000?” she wrote in her Tweet. She said there is no need to worry, she is not selling it on Amazon. You will get from her what you ordered, she wrote.

Addressing the E-commerce company, she further wrote, look what I got after ordering for the headphones. The box is properly packed and heavy, but its only from the outside. Even the customer service does not want to help which makes the situation worse.

After Sonakshi’s Tweet, criticism on the E-commerce company got intense on which the company responded and apologized, saying in Tweets, the situation is not acceptable. They provided the actress URL and requested her to lodge a complaint there.

They also ensured the actress that the administration will stay in touch with her regarding the matter.