Aleema Khan gets business letter from partner in Dubai

In the letter it's stated Aleema Khan and Mr Haidri are business partners and the properties made in Dubai are out of business profits.

After accusations against Aleema Khan, sister of Prime Minister Imran Khan, for making illegal properties in Dubai and Pakistan she got a business letter from her partner in Dubai. 

In the letter it’s stated Mr Haidri and Aleema Khan are business partners and the properties in Dubai are made out of the business profits.

Political parties in the opposition had demanded Aleema Khan should be taken into custody for investigation and National Accountability Bureau (NAB) must arrest her as they have arrested other politicians. 

It needs to be reminded, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had got a letter from Qatri Prince to present it in the court in Panama case. 

Aleema Khan has to explain before the court about the Dhs 16 million money trail and the receipts. 

Aleema Khan is also accused of not having any business in Dubai, in fact she took money from Pakistan and through Anil Musrat bought properties in England and Dubai.