Who is Muneeb Butt? – Ayesha Omar

Ayesha Omar Muneeb Butt

Muneed Butt, renowned show host, and tv actor made his way to popularity within a very short time.  His current plays where Muneeb Butt is playing the lead roles “Koi Chaand Rakh” and “Baandi” are on air, However, on ‘Tonight with HSY’, actress Ayesha Omar, responded to questions related to Muneeb Butt by saying, “Who is Muneeb Butt? Im sorry I live under a rock.”

To this, HSY responded in a serious tone, “No you do not live under a rock, Muneeb Butt is Muneeb Butt yaar!”

Many followers reacted to Ayesha Omar’s response negatively on social media, leaving comments like, “Ayesha Omar has lost her memory”, “She needs a brain therapy” etc.