‘Band Khirkiyaan’ faces criticism

Band Khirkiyaan HUM Serial

In a drama ‘Band Khirkiyaan’, Agha Ali slapped Sara Khan while in the middle of a shoot is still the hot topic on Social Media.

As people commented and passed remarks like this is not how a husband should treat his wife at any cost, the drama faced much criticism. ‘Band Khirkiyaan’ has been aired since a while and has already shown 11 episodes.

Although the husband is madly in love with his wife, the drama portrays the typical feelings of most of the husbands, he does not trust his wife at all. However, in the last episode of this week, Agha Ali, during an argument with the wife, slaps Sarah Khan in anger.

The issue has caused many arguments and negativity as to why such content is being shown. The effect could be negative and the viewers are most likely to be influenced by such acts.